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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1


La sortie de la version 12 de SEP (actuellement en beta) devrait être rendu publique avant la fin du mois de février.

Voici pour les nouveautés (en VO) :

InsightInsight : Separates files at risk from those that are safe, for faster and more accurate malware detection.

Real-time SONAR 3 : Examines programs as they run, identifying and stopping malicious behavior even for new and previously unknown threats.

Browser intrusion prevention : Scans for attacks directed at browser vulnerabilities.

Built for virtual environments : Protects your virtual infrastructure.

  • Virtual image exception: White list files from standard virtual machine image to optimize scanning.
    • Resource leveling: Randomizes scan and update schedules to prevent resource utilization spikes.
    • Shared Insight cache: Redirects Insight cloud lookups to a local server to reduce bandwidth and latency.
    • Virtual client tagging: Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can automatically identify and manage virtual clients.

Endpoint Protection for Mac® and Linux® : Managed through the Symantec Endpoint Protection management console.

Faster central console : Optimized database to increase responsiveness.

Smart Scheduler : Stays out of your way by performing non-critical security tasks when your computer is idle.

Enhanced client deployment :  Improved wizards and more deployment options will allow new installs and upgrades to be faster and easier than ever before.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Integration with Symantec workflow : Optimizes efficiency, enforces processes and policies, and automates redundant tasks by integrating the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager with Symantec Workflow.


Rendez vous très prochainement !

Mise à jour du 15 fev 2011 : la sortie de SEP 12 vient d’être annoncée officiellement sur le site de Symantec. Lire l’article.

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