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Trend Micro–IMSVA 8.0 disponible en téléchargement !

Ca y est enfin, IMSVA 8.0 est disponible sur le centre de téléchargement de Trend Micro.

Extrait du fichier readme.txt :

2 – What’s New

IMSVA 8.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

2.1 Hybrid SaaS Email Security Solution

IMSVA 8.0 integrates Cloud Pre-Filter (a hosted email security service) to become a hybrid SaaS email security solution that stops spam and viruses before they reach your network. This reduces customer costs through datacenter consolidation on virtual appliances while maintaining control of email privacy. IMSVA 8.0 unites the cloud with VMware ready Virtual Appliances in a single management, policy, and reporting framework enabling customers to reduce costs and management overhead of maintaining multiple systems.

2.2 Smart Protection Network Ready

The Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network(TM) is a next generation cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to block threats before they reach your network. By combining Internet-based – or "in-the-cloud" – technologies with smaller, lighter-weight clients, you have immediate access to the latest protection wherever and however you connect – from home, within your company’s network or on the go. For more information about the Smart Protection Network, visit: IMSVA 8.0 provides three features that leverage the Smart Protection Network: – Trend Micro designed Email reputation to identify and block spam before it enters a computer network by routing Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of incoming mail connections to Trend Micro Smart Protection Network for verification against an extensive Reputation Database. – IMSVA uses Web reputation to query servers in the cloud and check whether URLs in non-spam email messages are safe. Users can define policy based actions for messages found with dangerous URLs. – Instant Spam Correlation takes advantage of the Smart Protection Network to quickly identify and block the latest spam. Using cloud-computing facilities, it compares millions of email messages as they arrive to deliver spam-blocking solutions almost instantly.

2.3 Message Tracking Enforcement

Message tracking in IMSVA 8.0 shows all information relative to the whole lifecycle of the message, including the MTA events in Cloud Pre-Filter and on-premise. Furthermore, if a message is in a quarantine, archive, or postpone queue, the message tracking results have a hypertext link that will take the admin directly to the message in the quarantine/archive area.

2.4 DKIM Enforcement

DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail) is an industry standard for email message authentication. Using DKIM, IMSVA 8.0 can ensure that messages originate from the domain the messages claim to come from. – DKIM Approved List: Users can configure a safe domain list to bypass antispam detection scanning. Use the list to avoid false positives on domains known to be safe. – DKIM Enforcement: Users can configure a domain list, which uses DKIM technology. IMSVA 8.0 checks all messages for a DKIM signature and performs signature verification. Messages that do not pass signature verification are then filtered and acted up by IMSVA.

2.5 Spoofed Internal Message Detection

With this filter, IMSVA takes action on the messages that have the same sender domain as the recipient(s) domain, but do not come from an internal IP address.

2.6 Policy Enhancement Features

Policy Objects: Several building blocks have been separated from the policies. These "policy objects" can now be configured apart from the policies, streamlining the policy creation and editing process. – Address Groups – Keywords & Expressions – Policy Notifications – Stamps – DKIM Approved List – Web Reputation Approved List – Scan Exception Enhancement: Users can configure custom policy settings for encrypted messages and password protected attachments. Special actions can be taken on encrypted messages or password protected files sent/received by certain users or groups. – X-header Tags: Users can define customized X-headers that can be used when policies take action on email messages. – Handoff Action Enhancement: As a configured action for scanning rules, handoff is enhanced to be more RFC compatible. For example, the inclusion of "Retry and return NDR".

2.7 Extended File Support

IMSVA 8.0 now supports scanning the following file types: – Office 2007 – PDF 8

2.8 EUQ Single Sign-on (SSO)

IMSVA 8.0 allows users to log in once to their domain and then to EUQ without re-entering their domain name and password. Note: IMSVA 8.0 only supports Internet Explorer and Firefox with Windows Active Directory 2003 as the LDAP server (NTLMv1 enabled).

2.9 EUQ Enhancement

The Web-based EUQ service allows end users to manage their quarantined messages. IMSVA 8.0 now allows users to review and delete or approve messages that are quarantined by administrator-created content filters and those quarantined by Spam Prevention Solution (licensed separately from IMSVA).

2.10 Page Keyword Text Box

IMSVA 8.0 allows users to quickly navigate to screens on the Web console by typing the name of the screen or feature in the Page Keyword text field.

2.11 Trend Micro Control Manager 5.0 Support

IMSVA 8.0 now supports integration with Control Manager 5.0 patch 4 or later.

2.12 Incremental Pattern Updates

IMSVA 8.0 supports incremental updates for the "Spam pattern". Incremental updates can significantly save network bandwidth when downloading the pattern.

2.13 Enhanced Antispyware Detection

IMSVA 8.0 integrates a new antispyware pattern. The new pattern improves the spyware detection rate of IMSVA 8.0.

Téléchargement : Centre de Téléchargement Trend Micro

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